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this man is a TERRIBLE LIE

You know Jen, that if we keep up this 24/7 mockery and so forth of Trent "The Man" Reznor, we're gonna start liking that creature from the black lagoon. LOL, the goon face! Anyway, hopefully we'll never end up like "Ted" ("PURE SMUT"..LOL). But we talk about that man too damned much. I mean, gawd, LOOK AT YOUR BIRTHDAY CARD. I think this is a job for...GEEK SQUAD. I can't believe you actually thought I'd get you a Mr.T poster..what a nerd. Yeah, but then again, you also thought Moby had leukemia. UGH!@#!&* I was typing in my password and wasn't thinking, and I accidentally typed in "terrible lie" as my password. DAMN YOU REZNOR! DAMN YEW!!!

"He's a sick man" - KK Holiday

Oh man...I don't want to go to the beach...I don't wanna shave. Can't we just be cybergeeks and play Mario some more?? LOL, I spellchecked my entry, and it doesn't recognize "cybergeeks" are a word, and instead suggested "cyborgs". He rolls down stairs, he goes everywhere, a thing!, a thing!, a hideous thing! Everyone loves a cyborg!
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